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EuroHailstorm was born with a clear objective in mind: to network in the right way, i.e., to put coachbuilding at the heart of the project, creating jobs and offering opportunities for growth and useful services to members.

 It is crucial for the proper development of the network that individual bodyshops thrive, and this happens when working conditions and overall profitability improve. With this in mind, having strong partners unlocks important competitive advantages for the individual centres in the network and is one of EuroHailstorm’s main objectives.

Painting and cold repair technique

There is no doubt that hailstorms are of increasing intensity and a good paint job ensures a perfect result when the damage is significant. In these cases, having an industry-leading partner like Palini can be an important resource for each individual repair centre.

Thanks to the weight of more than 900 members, EuroHailstorm network bodyshops will now be able to access important advantages that will improve both paint quality and overall repair economy.

On the other hand, Palini’s network of contacts opens up to the services of EuroHailstorm, which at the current rate of growth and thanks to the new agreements soon to be finalised will increasingly need repair centres capable of performing the cold technique.

Palini Vernici: high quality painting made in Italy

Palini is a historic company with over 80 years of experience in paint production. Over the years, it has always invested in research and has conquered a niche of excellence, mainly concentrating on the supply of paints for industrial production.

In recent years, Palini’s high-tech products have also gained the attention of small and medium-sized bodyshops thanks to their excellent quality level and more cost-effective Tintometer management.

What advantages are there for EuroHailstorm Bodies

Introducing the Palini Tintometer is now easier for EuroHailstorm members.

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