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What we do


What we do

We are specialised in Paintless Dent Repair of vehicles from hail damage and comprehensive claims management throughout Europe. Our services are tailor-made for car manufacturers, dealers, rental fleets and insurance companies with the aim of offering the highest possible guarantee of repair efficiency, promptness of intervention and customer satisfaction.

Tecnica a Freddo PDR

il metodo migliore per riparare i danni da grandine

Per riparare un veicolo danneggiato dalla grandine non c’è metodo più rapido ed efficace della tecnica a freddo.
La PDR (Paintless Dent Repair) è una lavorazione artigianale che consiste nell’utilizzare leve e martelletti per applicare al metallo della lamiera una serie di spinte e delicate pressioni che lo riportano esattamente allo stato originale. Con questo metodo è possibile limitare o evitare del tutto le lavorazioni a caldo, quali stucco, carteggio, verniciatura o sostituzione del pezzo, decisamente più lunghe e costose. 

Project Conception

A Conception is the stage where ideas are at their most fluid creates construction process.

The Design Process

Once you have finally completed bending the rules of a reality to bring your client’s dream

A Plan Procurement

Next is procurement which is the most straight forward step in the construction processes.

PDR technique

The best way to repair hail damage

There is no quicker or more effective method for repairing a vehicle damaged by hail than the Paintless Dent Repair technique. PDR is a craftsmanship process that consists of using levers and hammers to apply a series of pushes and gentle pressures to the sheet metal to restore it to its original state. With this method, it is possible to limit or avoid altogether the time-consuming and costly traditional body shop’s work such as filling, sanding, painting or replacing the part.

The advantages of PDR


1. Reduced repair times


2. Cost reduction


3. Eco-sustainability


4. Preservation of the original integrity of vehicle

Our Teams of
PDR Technicians

PDR working is a true art that requires precision and gentleness to be performed to the highest standards. EuroHailstorm is one of the most accredited trainers of technical PDR in Italy and works, both with its own intervention teams and through contractual working relationships, with over one hundred of the best professionals in Europe. We also offer comprehensive training and support services to EuroHailstorm body shop network that have their own technicians. In this way, we ensure that our partners have the skills required to carry out the repairs according to our quality standards.

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